[Coral-List] Why corals' resilience are in decline

vitz vitz kokovitz at msn.com
Wed Jun 1 22:26:56 EDT 2016

after seeing emails on coral-list dealing w/ the subject of 'changes in coral resilience' and 'declining coral resilience', i feel compelled to add my 2 cents. i'm not a professional scientist by any stretch of the imagination, and yet....
i'm astounded.

corals' resilience has not declined, or changed. not for a very long time..
**WE'VE changed both the conditions, and the frequency of those changes,to an extreme and a rate beyond that which corals both evolved in/for, and can adapt to at the appropriate rate via the 'speed of evolution'.**
the things they're resilient to today are the very same things and parameters they were resilient to/for 10,000 yrs. ago, i'll wager.
if i force someone to drink bleach, and they die, was it because their resilience to chlorine changed?
i think not.


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