[Coral-List] Deep sea coral conference and bursary

Magnus Johnson m.johnson at hull.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 11:13:42 EDT 2016

Dear Colleague,

The Deep-Sea Biology Society (http://dsbsoc.org/) is pleased to announce that we will providing a small number of travel awards to those wishing to attend the 6th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals (

http://deepseacoral.org/) that will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, from September 11-16, 2016.

Awards will be decided based on the quality of the abstract and financial need. Travel award applicants are required to submit an abstract to the symposium. The abstract submission deadline is June 10.

Applications must be submitted through this form

http://goo.gl/forms/gb0RkxjfT4 before June 15.  Applicants will be notified about their application outcomes via email by mid-July. Successful applicants will be expected to write a short blog post for the DSBS website about their experience in the IDSCS.

In addition to the travel awards, the society will be sponsoring awards for the best oral and poster presentations by early career scientists at the IDSCS. Early Career is defined as anyone who has graduated from a PhD program and is pre-tenure, or is in an equivalent research or governmental position. (Please indicate your interest to be considered our registration site when registering for the symposium).

Only standing members of the Deep-Sea Biology Society are eligible for the awards. If you are not a member already, you can join the society here http://dsbsoc.org/membership/.

Questions about these awards should be directed to Santiago Herrera:

sherrera at alum.mit.edu<mailto:sherrera at alum.mit.edu>.

Please pass the word about the society and these awards to your friends and colleagues and invite them to join!


Santiago Herrera, PhD

Membership Secretary of the Deep-Sea Biology Society

CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow

Lehigh University

University of Toronto

Visiting Professor (starting Fall 2016)

Department of Biological Sciences

Lehigh University

Email: sherrera at alum.mit.edu<mailto:sherrera at alum.mit.edu>

Website: http://alum.mit.edu/www/sherrera

Twitter: @herre_san

Mission: The Deep-Sea Biology Society aim is to promote deep-sea biological sciences and conservation through ensuring open forums for scientists, engaging the public and policy makers, and ensuring demographic diversity among scientists.


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