[Coral-List] A recently published report: Variation in calcification rate of Acropora downingi relative to seasonal changes in environmental conditions in the northeastern Persian Gulf

jahangir vs vs_jahangir at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 01:19:29 EDT 2016

Allow me to introduce our recently published study exploring in situ variation in calcification rates of Acropora downingi in the northeastern Persian Gulf relative to strong seasonal changes in temperature, irradiance and aragonite saturation state. In this study, besides using simple correlation analyses, we used published relationships from experimental studies to establish which environmental parameter(s) (temperature, irradiance, and/or Ωarag) placed greatest constraints on calcification rate (relative to the maximum spring rate) in each season, and then used data to project changes in the calcification rate of A. downingi expected to occur given projected changes in temperature due to climate change. Having a closer look at relevant former studies, we also tried to discuss some critical issues which may benefit future similar endeavors.The link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00338-016-1464-6

Jahangir Vajed Samiei

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