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Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Tue Jun 7 18:53:58 EDT 2016

Hi all:

I am forwarding the following request from one of our undergraduates. He is
an incredibly talented musician and film-maker. As he explains, his most
recent project (FIN) tracked tuna from hook to plate. I recently saw the
debut of FIN and it was compelling. Kirk has graciously agreed to share the
compiled film with me for use in my classes.

Now, he is undertaking a more ambitious project and wants to include a
scientific perspective in his next piece. There has been a countless
back-and-forth on this listserve about ways to make marine science more
accessible to the public. Well.... this is our chance.

He has already lined up the logistical support for his project and all he
is asking for are scientists willing to share their knowledge and opinions.
This is both a challenge and an opportunity to to take advantage of this
opportunity to help a gifted film-maker portray science in a way that will
resonate with the public we regret not being able to reach. I am sure that
he will be open to suggestions that tie our pressing opinions to the
cultural perspective he is trying to create. And.... I'll bet he'll be more
than willing to film things you'd love to have highlighted.... and have
great visuals to use locally.

If you might be able to help him out, I have copied him on this email.




We're gearing up to head towards Sulawesi and lined up a bunch of fantastic
people to talk to. Unfortunately, we're still short on marine experts and
would love to get some interviews if possible. Would either of you mind
reaching out to the reef community on our behalf? I wrote up a short
synopsis (complete with fun hyperlinks) below.

I hope everything's been going well!


To whom it may concern,

My name is Kirk Pearson, a filmmaker and paleontologist presently finishing
my degree at Oberlin College. Six months ago, myself and a fellow
cinematographer teamed up to create "FIN,"
<http://www.finisaboutafish.com/about-fin> an interactive film that follows
the supply chain of a yellowfin tuna from Sumatran sea to Tokyo metropolis.

This summer, we're headed back to Indonesia to create a second documentary.
Our film, "Sea Change, <http://www.finisaboutafish.com/aboutseachange>" is
all about the symbiosis of Indonesia's cultural and ecological networks.
While me and my collaborators have lined up several contacts to discuss the
maritime economy, I would love to interview a couple researchers about
Indonesia's reef ecosystems. We will be traveling around the archipelago
and would be grateful to talk with anyone that might have interest.

Please feel free to contact me (kirk.pearson at oberlin.edu) with any

All the best,

Kirk Pearson
Composition/Film/Geology, Oberlin College
*kirkmakesthings.com <http://kirkmakesthings.com/>*


*Kirk Pearson*
Composition/Film/Geology, Oberlin College
*kirkmakesthings.com <http://kirkmakesthings.com/>*

Dennis Hubbard
Chair, Dept of Geology-Oberlin College Oberlin OH 44074
(440) 775-8346

* "When you get on the wrong train.... every stop is the wrong stop"*
 Benjamin Stein: "*Ludes, A Ballad of the Drug and the Dream*"

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