[Coral-List] GCRMN Caribbean Networking Session - ICRS June 21 3:45-4:00 pm

Peter Edwards horlicks_1989 at yahoo.com
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Hello Coral Listers,
A number of subscribers to this list will likely be in Honolulu, HI in just over a week for ICRS 2016.
In addition to the "gazillion" presentations, town halls and field trips I wanted to inform everyone that NOAA, led by the Coral Reef Conservation Program will be facilitating a series of networking sessions in the NOAA Booth..  
These sessions will be short, 15 minute slots of time, to allow for networking opportunities and conversations, typically under particular themes. FYI these time slots DO NOT conflict with oral presentations. 
For example I will be "hosting" a networking session on Wednesday June 21 between 3:45- 4:00 pm. 
Here we will promote the work that the GCRMN Caribbean Group has been doing to revitalize that regional network including attempts to harmonize Biophysical Monitoring and SocMon protocols. This structure of these sessions is flexible. For my session, we will likely begin by showing a short 2:00 minute teaser video on the Caribbean effort and then have a conversation about how our approach can be applied to other GCRMN networks around the globe. More details will be provided in a number of Oral presentations in Sessions #64 and #65. Please see the ICRS page for further details.
A range of other networking sessions will be held throughout the week. These include; Data management needs, Pacific long term interdisciplinary monitoring efforts, reducing land based sources of pollution, the NOAA Coral Reef Monitoring Program (NCRMP), Human dimensions of coral reef science, to name a few. You are encouraged to stop by any networking session that may be of interest. 
For further information on the full schedule and session titles feel free to contact Alicia Clarke (Alicia.Clarke at noaa.gov).
Lastly, Don't forget!! June 21, 3:45-4:00pm "GCRMN Caribbean Revitalization: Integrated Coral Reef Monitoring" The GCRMN-Caribbean - CAR-SPAW-RACGCRMN-Caribbean - CAR-SPAW-RAC www.car-spaw-rac.org
Peter E.T. Edwards, PhDResource Economist and Social Science CoordinatorNOAA Coral Program 



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Today's Topics:

  1. seeking a PhD candidate (Ricardo Beldade)


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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2016 09:00:22 -1000
From: Ricardo Beldade <rbeldade at gmail.com>
Subject: [Coral-List] seeking a PhD candidate
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Hi everyone,

We are seeking applicants for a PhD project that will study the impact of ocean acidification on the structure and functioning of two model ecosystems based on marine cyanobacteria, with different trophic chains including herbivore opisthobranchs, a carnivore nudibranch and crab. Our project aims to understand how ocean acidification and elevated temperature affects: 1) the behaviour, interactions and chemical mediation between the different species, 2) cyanobacterial blooms and their toxicity, and 3) the ability of the different species to acclimate transgenerationally. A final aim, which is funding-dependent, aims to determine transcriptome profiles to find the genes and/or the processes linked with transgenerational acclimation. 

Who should apply? We are seeking applications from graduates or those who expect to graduate in 2016 with a good BSc or Masters degree. You should have a strong background in Biological Sciences or Chemical Ecology. You must have demonstrable potential for creative, high-quality PhD research. Relevant research experience will be beneficial.
Deadline for applications: 18th June in order to submit your application to a funding source.
Studentship funding: 1400 euros per month for 3 years
Start date: October 2016 

For further information or informal discussion about the position, please send your CV and an email to Suzanne Mills (suzanne.mills at univ-perp.fr). Website: http://suzannemills.org <http://suzannemills.org/>

Best regards,
Ricardo Beldade


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