[Coral-List] SCUBA diving before/after ICRS 2016

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Hey Sarah,
Attached is a link to a good local guide on the shore diving sites in Hawaii. http://www.shorediving.com/Earth/Hawaii/
If you have your own gear and transportation, there are many easy to access dive sites. Check the local swell forecast (http://www.surfnewsnetwork.com/) and wind conditions (https://www.windyty.com/?21.318,-158.313,8) to determine which sites are suitable.
In the absence of large swell, cross-shore currents are dominates by trade winds and the M2 tidal component. 
Aloha, Sam

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> Subject: [Coral-List] SCUBA diving before/after ICRS 2016
> Can anyone in the coral-list community recommend dive sites, dive shops etc for SCUBA diving before and after ICRS?
> Ideally departing within Honolulu or driving distance within the island of Oahu to reduce costs, but other locations also of interest.
> Please reply to me individually, then I can compile all results and share with coral-list
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