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Here's a summary of all scuba diving recommendations I have received so far..

It's no an endorsement of any kind, I'm just compiling what I received as a service to the Coral-List community.

Thanks to all the contributors who made this list possible.

DIVE OPERATORS near Honolulu, or in Oahu

1) Island Divers (they pick up/drop off from hotels in Honolulu)

2) Aaron's Dive Center (they pick up/drop off from hotels in Honolulu)

3) Waikiki Diving

4) a few dive operators as well who go out of Kewalo Harbor very close to the Convention Center

..- Good local guide on the shore diving sites in Hawaii.
..- Sea Tiger, a wreck at 120 ft right off the coast of Honolulu Harbor
..- Other great wrecks are the Corsair, LCU, and Y-0.
..- Many shallower sites with great coral cover around Honolulu ?Fantasy Reef, Koko Craters, etc?.
..- Electric Beach,
..- Haleiwa Trench on the North Shore.
..- Pupukea ?Shark's Cove? and Three Tables (might be mediocre) all shore dives
..- Kewalo Pipe is a drainage pipe just west of Waikiki that has over the years developed a nice abundance of macro life.
..- Shore diving in this time of year usually from north shore ?Haleiwa, Shark's Cove?.
..- Barbers Point. North of Ko Olina. Nice ledge between 50-90 feet with overhang and lots of coral. You can start in 20-30
feet and it is only 50-100m to the ledge. A lot of local free divers go there. You can go out of Barbers Point Harbor.
..- Shore diving/snorkeling, Hanauma Bay ?Marine Park/Nature Preserve? is a good shallow reef site that is driving distance east from Honolulu

If you have your own gear and transportation, there are many easy to access dive sites. Check the local swell forecast
?http://www.surfnewsnetwork.com/? and wind conditions ?https://www.windyty.com/?21.318,-158.313,8? to
determine which sites are suitable.

..- Big Island has wonderful diving
..- Molokini Crater on Maui
..- Maui/Lanai and Molokini Crater are really nice
..- Kona

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