[Coral-List] surgeonfish spines as weapons

Robinson, Michael P MPRobinson at barry.edu
Mon Jun 20 09:54:12 EDT 2016

Dear coral-listers,

Does anyone have observations of any species of surgeonfish (Acanthuridae) using their caudal spines as weapons?  That is the conventional wisdom on the function of these spines, but I am interested in evidence of their use.

For example, there is a photo in Jack Randall's _Surgeonfishes of the World_ of wounds on a surgeonfish that match the  size and shape of a conspecific's spines.

If you have any evidence or observations of a surgeonfish using its spine(s) either defensively or aggressively, I would love to hear about it.  Anything is appreciated: photos, videos or stories.

If you prefer, send me a private email and I will post a summary to the list.

Thanks in advance!
Mike Robinson

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