[Coral-List] ICRS open lunchtime mtg today - Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network

omeier at hawaii.edu omeier at hawaii.edu
Wed Jun 22 15:41:23 EDT 2016

Just a reminder that today if you're at ICRS we hope you can take advantage of an opportunity to meet with some of the CRESCYNT node coordinators so we can get your input on coral reef informatics and cyberinfrastructure needs. 

Grab your ICRS sack lunch (to the right of the buffet - no waiting) and bring it to room 307 A/B 11:30am-12:45pm to join some of your node members in discussion. BONUS: there will be ice cream!!

Come meet with a working group or node to relay your research needs - we'll submit these to EarthCube so that the cyberinfrastructure tools that the coral reef community needs get built. Coordinators of these groups will be present: 
Microbial Ecology (Amy Apprill), 
Reef Ecology (Marilyn Brandt),
Physiology & Fitness (Hollie Putnam and Josh Madin), 
Disease (Esther Peters joined by Katie Sutherland and John Burns), 
Reproduction (Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino), 
Education & Outreach (Judy Lemus), 
Bleaching collaboration (Michael Lesser), 
and another to represent the remaining groups (Ouida Meier).

If you can't make this or aren't at ICRS, you can take action by completing a CRESCYNT use case summary AND by completing an EarthCube stakeholder survey.. Find links at http://crescynt.org where you'll also see a listing of CRESCYNT events at ICRS.


Ouida W Meier, PhD
Program Manager, CReSCyNT: Coral Reef Science & Cyberinfrastructure Network
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii

omeier at hawaii.edu

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