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  The Coral Reef Initiative Project Manager position sounds like a terrific opportunity for the right person.  I particularly like the bit about restoration.  We presently have an astounding amount of research being conducted on coral reefs, and lots of individuals want to "protect" coral reefs, but little actually being done on the restoration and proactive stewardship issues.  
I liken this to the science of Forestry prior to Louis the 14th.... Huh? The French - again?!   Why are the largest oak forests in France all near the coast?  While the practice of sustainable tree harvest likely developed in Germany and spread to England in the 1500's, it was a French minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who understood that to sustain a navy, one needed a dependable long term supply of oak, cedar, and fir.    In 1670 he set out to plant a million hectares of forest all within transport range of the major ship-building ports.  130 years later, Napoleon took advantage of this to build his fleet - albeit without skilled seamen they soon fell prey to the more skilled English.  This is what comes from me being married to a French teacher.
In Hawaii, key individuals in Federal Agencies are adamantly opposed to the concept of artificial reefs.  This is based upon the fact that the crude design of many artificial structures deployed in the past served to attract fish and make them easier to harvest, but didn't actually contribute to the ecosystem functions supported by a true reef.  What would be the characteristics of a "good" artificial reef?  The work being done, initiated at public and private aquariums, on coral reproduction and husbandry will be key to our ability to become true reef stewards in the future.   While the research that needs to be done is vast, and will be tempting to your new hire, I would implore the Steinhart to use its stature to direct your new hire to take the next step in coral reef science.  What would it take to culture and steward a million hectares of reef?
Bob Bourke
Environmental Scientist

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The California Academy of Sciences and the Steinhart Aquarium are looking to fill the position of:

Project Manager, Coral Reefs Initiative


The Project Manager, Coral Reef Initiative performs administrative, project management, budgeting, expedition planning, workshop planning, reporting, and operational functions for the interdepartmental Coral Reefs Initiative.
This 10 year strategy is a coordinated, global effort of scientific discovery, conservation, restoration, and widespread education and engagement focused on coral reefs. The Project Manager will assist with two components of this initiative, including:

Exploring the Last Coral Reef Frontiers. The Academy will work with science and conservation colleagues across the world, and mount a series of expeditions over the next 5 years.

Expeditions will focus on unexplored regions and habitats of the world's coral reefs, including mesophotic reefs (in the "Twilight Zone"), and poorly known shallow reef communities.

Developing New Techniques for Coral Reproduction and Cultivation. Through global partnerships, the Academy will greatly accelerate the science and practical cultivation techniques needed for coral restoration. Working with colleagues around the world, the Academy is pioneering new techniques for large-scale reef restoration by collecting and fertilizing coral gametes, culturing the resulting larvae, growing the next generation of corals, and planting them back on to degraded reefs.

The Project Manager reports to both the Senior Director of the Steinhart Aquarium, and the Associate Curator of Ichthyology who are the Principal Investigators on the project. However, the Project Manager will interface with most departments at the Academy in the execution of the duties of the position.

This is a full-time, temporary position of 2 years with the possibility of extension pending grant renewal.


Please do not contact me for further information, I am merely a conduit.

For a complete job description and to apply please follow the link below:


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