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Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Fri Mar 4 12:29:14 EST 2016

 Thanks Lisa:

This is indeed encouraging. How close i this to the area where Lisa Greer
has been working? I visited there in 2014 and thee was *A. cervicornis
Might this suggest that the local population is more inclined to yield
successful recruits? Conversely, how much would we be over-reaching to take
success in an area where *A. cervicornis* seems to be doing anomalously
well on its own and apply that to larger Caribbean strategies? I'm not
suggesting that I know the answer to either question. However, I have seen
a lot of these activities fail despite local practitioners feeling that
they are largely being successful in the short run. Your apparent success
leaves me optimistic, so I'm wondering how we might try to look at this in
the larger context. Are there specific procedures you are following that
are leading to higher-than-normal success that we might use to create
better protocols? Or.... are there particular advantages to the site(s) you
have chosen that we might use to create better selection criteria for
sites. Or... are there other questions that do not come to mind that we
might want to be seeking the answers for?

Good luck,


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