[Coral-List] Coral on a chip - a microfluidic platform for live imaging microscopy of reef coals

Orr Shapiro orrshapiro at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 06:33:58 EST 2016

In a new paper just published in Nature communications we describe a method
for micropropagation of pocilloporid corals (using salinity to induce poyp
bail-out) and for resettling of the micropropagated polyps into a
microfluidic aquarium (working volume of ~25 ul) that we designed for this

We can keep these coral micropropagates on the microscope stage for hours
or even days at a time, which allows us to follow different biological
processes at microscale resolutions (down to the single cell level). We
demonstrate the use of this method for studying calcification, bleaching
and disease.

You can find the paper here:

Orr Shapiro.

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