[Coral-List] Trust peer-reviewed articles rather than the press

Jean-Pierre Gattuso gattuso2 at obs-vlfr.fr
Sat Mar 5 04:46:02 EST 2016


That is not true. The entire issue is open access. You can even get all 
articles in a single pdf file: 

Note that I have no connection with this special issue.

Jean-Pierre Gattuso

> Please do keep in mind, that the vast majority of papers in this issue 
> are not Open Access. In fact, of the 45 papers in this special issue, 
> only 9 are available for free. At $40 per paper, it would cost $1,440 
> for just one person to read this special issue.
> The idea, therefore, that the “general public” should only trust 
> peer-reviewed publications is a non-starter. If the general public 
> won’t even pay for newspapers anymore, do you really expect them to 
> pay $40 for a single peer-reviewed paper?
> Cheers,
> -Nick
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