[Coral-List] MANTA 2016 Live-aboard Marine Science Summer Field Studies in the Caribbean

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Mon Mar 7 16:55:19 EST 2016

   Hello Fellow Ocean Ambassadors,

   Do you know enthusiastic high school or college students interested in
   marine science?

   The [1]Marine science And Nautical Training Academy (MANTA) is a 501(c)(3)
   non-profit education and research organization founded and run by full-time
   research scientists at the Hollings Marine Laboratory, in Charleston, SC.
   Our  mission  is  to provide high school and college students a unique
   opportunity to learn about the marine environment, and participate in marine
   science research and conservation projects.  We are [2]Now Accepting High
   School Applications and [3]College Applications for this summer’s [4]Field
   Studies in Coral Reef Biology courses, in the British Virgin Islands.

   The program provides an intensive, experienced-based field study program in
   fundamental and applied marine science.  Students will live on a modern
   sailing catamaran for two weeks while learning about coral reef biology and
   conservation,  and mastering practical field skills such as scientific
   diving, field ID, and develop the nautical skills needed to be a proficient
   crewmember on a research vessel.  Lectures and experiential learning are
   used  in  tandem, as students develop and test their own hypotheses by
   designing and executing short field experiments.  The course is taught by
   faculty at the College of Charleston and other marine scientists from our
   floating classroom and research platform.

   The deadline for applications is April 13, 2016.  Visit our website for
   examples of [5]What We Research ([6]http://manta-online.org/research/) as
   well as more details about the [7]High School Program (July 13-26, 2016) and
   our [8]College of Charleston affiliated [9]College Program (July 30- August
   13, 2016).

   Please forward this message to interested students, have them identify a
   teacher reference, and submit a free quick online application for either
   [10]High School or [11]College.  Email
   [12]melannie.bachman at manta-online..org for more detailed information about
   the syllabus, itinerary or enrollment.

   Thank you!

   Melannie Bachman, MSc

   Melannie J Bachman, MSc
   MANTA-Marine science And Nautical Training Academy
   Vice President
   417 Planters Trace Dr
   Charleston, SC 29412


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