[Coral-List] Internship Opportunities at the Red Sea Research Center, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

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Internship Opportunities at the Red SeaResearch Center, KAUST, Saudi Arabia..

Themetabolism of tropical marine habitats in the Red Sea - Internship to besupervised by Prof. Carlos M. Duarte


Shallowmarine benthic habitats play an important ecosystem role by providing habitat,food and refugia for a large number of marine mega fauna, including seaturtles, dugongs, sharks and groupers, among others. These ecosystems experienceextreme temperature regimes, especially during the summer months. Althoughthese marine benthic ecosystems are adapted to thermal stress, the effect ofhigh-temperature events on the metabolism of organisms and communities have notbeen assessed. The intern students contributing to this projectwill assess the effect of thermal stress events on the metabolism of coralreefs, seagrass meadows and mangrove ecosystems, including those of key specieswithin these habitats. The effect of thermal stress on the fate of primaryproduction, via herbivory and consumption will also be assessed. To achievethese goals, students will conduct field measurements and observationsusing also advanced loggings instruments and sensors along with controlled fieldand laboratory experiments to resolve the mechanisms thatdrive community metabolism in a warming Red Sea. 

Thisproject allows for a number of independent projects to be conducted by visitingstudents under the VRSP program. Each of these projects will lead to anindependent research output. 

Theapplication term is open and incoming applications. See https://vsrp.kaust.edu.sa/Pages/The%20metabolism%20of%20tropical%20marine%20habitats%20in%20the%20Red%20Sea.aspxfor details on the application process.

The newlyestablished Visiting Student Research Internship Program is an opportunity forexceptionally qualified baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students toconduct research with faculty mentors in selected areas of basic and appliedresearch projects. The duration of the program ranges from betweenfour and six months, depending on the research project.

KAUSTVSRP visiting students will receive a very generous internship for the durationof their studies. The benefits of the KAUST Internship include:

•   Academiccredit

•   Monthlyliving allowance between $800 and $1200 (based upon field of research)

•   Round-tripairfare to/from city of departure-Jeddah (KAUST)

•   Healthinsurance

•   Privatebedroom & bath in a shared residential suite

•   Visafees (Students must have valid passport)

•   Accessto community recreational resources

•   Socialand cultural activities 

Contact vsrp at kaust.edu.safor further details about these research projects.

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