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The Cousin Island Special Reserve, managed by Nature Seychelles, in the Western Indian Ocean, is fully solar powered and carbon neutral. The marine reserve within the Island is where I led the large-scale coral reef restoration project. 

The second-generation PV solar system had some rigorous testing. Solar panels had to survive the fall of a mango fruit from a 10 m height, to account for the messy eating behavior of flying fruit bats. 

It took a great deal of leadership from Nature Seychelles and patience. Here's the news link with more details about the struggle and success to get the solar panels onto the island. 


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Given the terrible predictions for the future of coral reefs in the face of ocean warming and acidification, I'm wondering if more coral workers and their organisations should be showing some commitment and leadership  to becoming carbon neutral. I've been carbon neutral for over fifteen years but am yet to find another reef coral worker (or indeed any scientist/environmental manager) who is. Technically it's quite straightforward for humanity to become carbon neutral - the issues are social. One small step towards this goal is for individuals and organisations to show it can be done, is not difficult, expensive or requiring any lifestyle sacrifice. Leading by example. So, along those lines, are there any carbon neutral  individuals or their organisations on this list? It would be great for a survey - the upcoming icrs is the perfect venue?

Paul Muir

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