[Coral-List] Award of four ISRS graduate fellowships

Rupert Ormond rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 01:35:02 EDT 2016

      ISRS Graduate Fellowships

The International Society for Reef Studies is pleased to announce the 
award of four (4) ISRS graduate fellowships (including two for students 
from developing countries) to the following applicants, for the projects 

*Archana Anand, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong* (Indian national): 
Linking sewage impacts to ecosystem decline in a human impacted marine 
*Danielle Claar, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada*: Elucidating 
mechanisms of coral reef resilience to local stressors and El Niño on 
the world’s largest atoll.
*James Dimond, University of Washington, Seattle, USA*: The role of DNA 
methylation in the response of tropical reef corals to environmental change.
*Laura Marangoni, Federal University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Brazil*: 
Interactive effects of acidification, increasing temperature and 
micronutrient enrichment on the physiology of /Mussismilia harttii/ 
(Scleractinia, Mussidae) - implications of concurrent climate and 
non-climate stressors.

25 applications were received and assessed independently by a six-member 
selection committee, who wish it to be known that they were much 
impressed by the overall very high standard of the applications. May we 
congratulate the successful candidates, and thank all the candidates for 
their participation and support.

Rupert Ormond
(ISRS Corresponding Secretary)

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