[Coral-List] Mini Review on Coral Complexity and Global Change

Linwood Pendleton linwood.pendleton at duke.edu
Thu Mar 24 06:56:47 EDT 2016

Hi Everyone:

1) A few weeks ago, the list was discussing the recent debate in Rupert Murdoch’s papers that argued the threats of ocean acidification and climate change to coral reefs are overestimated.  We reviewed the most recent literature and found that we have likely underestimated these threats - the damage to coral reefs will occur sooner and at more modest levels of environmental change than previously considered in public dialogue. We also argue we need to change the way we do science if we are to understand the complexity of threats and responses well enough to prepare for the consequences. (The study was sponsored by the Prince Albert II Foundation and emerged from a Venture Project at SESYNC.)

You can find our FREE open access paper at the link below.  (Please download the paper because open access ain’t cheap. Thanks to TNC’s Mapping Ocean Wealth for covering publication costs).


2) HACK OUR FIGURE:  In the paper above, we developed a figure of human-ecological processes in coral reefs (pre and post-anthropocene).  Now, we’d like you to use our figure and even hack it to make it better.  Go here  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ecological_Processes_Coral_Reefs.jpg  If you use the figure please give us credit and if you hack it, please share with us!  Thanks to Vanessa Gonzalez Ortiz who made the figure for us.  (p.s.  Vanessa can work with you on updating the figure if you like. vgonzalezortizic at gmail.com<mailto:vgonzalezortizic at gmail.com> )


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