[Coral-List] Call for attendance and abstract submission for the annual ‘Society for Invertebrate Pathology’ conference 2016

Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Fri Mar 25 09:38:20 EDT 2016

Call for attendance at the annual ‘Society for Invertebrate Pathology’ conference
Society for Invertebrate Pathology (SIP) is a scientific society that draws together members from diverse scientific backgrounds under the unified discipline of invertebrate pathology. The main objectives as defined in the Society's constitution are: 
•	Promotion of scientific knowledge of pathology of invertebrate animals and of related subjects through discussions, reports and publications.
•	Stimulation of scientific investigations and their applications
•	Planning, organization and administration of projects for the advancement of scientific knowledge in invertebrate pathology
SIP hold annual meetings which alternate between being held in North America and elsewhere in the world, this year’s meeting will be 24th – 28th July 2016 and will be held in Tours in France (http://www.sip2016tours.org). 
The society is split into main research themes called ‘divisions’ which include; Bacteria, Diseases of beneficial invertebrates, Fungi, Microbial control, Microsporidia, Nematodes and Viruses. Each of these divisions have members (you can be a member of more than one division within the society) and a committee of these members to organise events at the annual meetings.  The meetings usually consist of a plenary session, divisional symposia and cross divisional symposia where invited speakers present a topic of interest. Workshops are held by each division to discuss a topic of interest, this usually involves invited speakers providing an overview of a research area and then opening the floor for discussion and usually cover upcoming areas the division and society are keen to pursue. Each division also has contributed papers sessions where all research can be presented and is open to anyone working in the field of invertebrate pathology. There is usually a good social programme as well to enhance the collaboration developments.
When initially founded the society had a strong aquatic contingent, this has dropped over the years and we are keen to build the numbers of aquatic pathology members.  To encourage this another division was set up a few years ago, the Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates (DBI).  DBI addresses diseases of invertebrates that are generally considered as non-pest species. This covers aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates considered to be ecologically or economically beneficial. The division focuses on the pathology and host-pathogen interface within various host groups and will address significant “bigger picture” issues that can be studied via these relationships (e.g. climate change, ocean acidification, epizootiology, pollination, disease mitigation). 
This year, DBI will be holding a workshop on “Coral Diseases” for the first time and we invite attendants to this session to discuss the future of coral disease research and lessons we can learn from other invertebrate pathologists. Please, if you are interested, look at the website and submit an abstract as well to talk about your work on diseases in coral reef organisms, in particular corals themselves. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you at the conference. 

NOTE: due to the short turn around time for submission of abstract i.e. this week, please email me, Mike Sweet on m.sweet at derby.ac.uk if interested and I can see about extending the deadline for coral people. 

Kind regards
Dr Mike Sweet. 
University of Derby, UK. 

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