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Hey Jon,

While it does not affect a single reef per se, a proposed land reclamation
project in Bali for a massive tourism development has galvanised a local
protest movement. The development would cause flooding, destroy mangrove
ecosystems and affect reefs in neighbouring Lombok due to sand dredging for
the new artificial islands. The protesters are really keen to get public
attention on this, as a govt decision is due soon on whether to green light
the project. Should that happen, I aim to head over and shoot a film about
it (I'm a journalist and filmmaker).

I wrote a piece a week or so ago for The Guardian about the issue:

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On 28 March 2016 at 17:44, John Hocevar <jhocevar at greenpeace.org> wrote:

> Hi -
> I have been on this list for many years, and have followed the
> discussions about what we as a community can do to prevent the loss of
> coral reefs.
> Today, I am looking for your help in identifying reefs that are
> currently threatened by major development projects (eg resorts, ports,
> or golf courses). Ideally, I'm looking for cases where there is a local
> community trying to protect their reef from a large developer. Bringing
> more support and attention to that kind of battle would be a powerful
> story that we could turn into a local victory as well as a much bigger
> story about the urgent need to protect reefs in general.
> Please feel free to reply directly rather than to the full list.
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