[Coral-List] Invitation to apply for attending: ICRS 2016 Workshop: Personal Care Product Pollution and its Threat to Coral Reefs and other Marine Habitats

Cheryl Woodley - NOAA Federal cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov
Wed May 4 12:11:46 EDT 2016

Dear Coral-Listers
I would like to bring to your attention a workshop on personal care
products and impacts on corals being held at the ICRS on Tues June 21.
Below are the details and instructions for applying to attend this
space-limited event.

Where:  2016 International Coral Reef Symposium
When:   Tuesday 21 June 2016

What: Scientific workshop to examine the impact of marine-toxic ingredients
in personal care products on corals: "Personal Care Product Pollution and
its Threat             to Coral Reefs and other Marine Habitats"

*Applications are invited to attend the workshop.*

This workshop is being convened in response to growing concern about the
impact of personal care products, such as sunscreen and shampoo, on corals
and other coral reef organisms. Discussions will begin by examining the
preliminary findings of a meeting held last year in London and attended by
Dr Craig Downs (Haereticus Environmental Laboratory; Professor Alex Rogers
(Sommerville College,Oxford); Dr Heather Koldeway (Zoological Society of
London); Dr Peter Wells (Dalhousie University); Professor Dan Laffoley
(IUCN and the World Contress of Protected Areas) and Dr Silvia Diaz-Cruz
(Spanish Council for Scientific Research). This meeting considered the
scientific case for concern and developed a series of initial responses and
recommendations for further consideration by the Symposium workshop.
Workshop attendees will be ask to provide additional contributions of
scientific evidence as well as brain-storming ideas for solutions to
mitigate impacts and restore damaged marine resources.

*Deadline for Applications is May 20, 2016.  Space is limited.*

*Interested individuals applying to attend the workshop should submit the
following information:*

1. Name
2. Affiliation
3. Area of expertise
4. Authored works that would be relevant to the discussion.

*Applications should be directed to Dr. Craig
Downs cadowns at haereticus-lab.org <cadowns at haereticus-lab.org> and copied
toMirella at stateoftheocean.org <Mirella at stateoftheocean.org> *

Notification invitations will be provided by May 31, 2016.

The workshop is hosted by the International Programme on the State of the
Ocean; Haereticus Environmental Laboratory; Sommerville College Oxford;
Zoological Society of London; the IUCN and the World Congress for Protected
Area; International Ocean Institute, Dalhousie University; Spanish Council
for Scientific Research.

Cheryl M. Woodley, Ph.D.
Coral Health and Disease Program

Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Rd
Charleston, SC 29412
843.762.8862 Phone
843.762.8737 Fax
cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov

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