[Coral-List] MarSUB Tech Workshop and Demonstration

crdev crdev at singnet.com.sg
Mon May 9 22:58:24 EDT 2016

Dear Members 

As a means of training the Disabled to become commercial environmental divers, the MarSUB Tech Workshop and Demonstration will be held at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club on the 21st May.  Speakers 
and demonstrations at the workshop would send a message that the disabled, particularly the deaf, crippled and visually impaired, can function professionally underwater using commercial diving equipment 
and methodology to create subsea showcases and gardens.  This will be an international first of the disabled experiencing Scuba and later commercial diving equipment that they can be trained and later employed 
as subsea caretakers for the nurturing and protection of marine flora and fauna. 

Charles Rowe
Managing Director
Caledonia Resource Development Pte Ltd

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