[Coral-List] national coral bleaching monitoring in Indonesia

Jensi Sartin jensi.sartin at gmail.com
Tue May 10 03:08:51 EDT 2016

Dear Coral Lister,

The Indonesia's Ministry of Marine and Fisheries  has established a
National Coral Bleaching Monitoring Network, to respond coral bleaching
that started to affect reefs in Indonesia since end of March 2016 and also
to anticipate the potential bleaching event that predict to hit up until
early September as projected by NOAA.

Similar to the initiative in Australia, the purpose of the monitoring
network is to foster collaborative research on bleaching and to coordinate
the efforts to monitor at least 50 MPAs in Indonesia. Apparently, the
"bleaching" travelled from the southern side of Indonesia  and hit reefs in
Bali, Lombok, Flores, West Timor, Savu Sea on March, and to western part of
Indonesia hit reefs in South coast of Java, West coast of
Sumatra(Mentawai), and Aceh (Weh/Sabang) in April. This month (May), we
started to get more bleaching report from Bintan (East coast of Sumatra/
Singapore), West coast of Borneo, South Sulawesi, Wakatobi, North Coast of
Bali, and Cendrawasih. You might notice that the Coral Triangle in
Indonesia-part start to affected as well.

The monitoring network has developed a manual to assist local NGOs,
government units, MPA managers to monitor their reefs which consist of
three phase: rapid survey, peak-bleaching survey, and post-bleaching
survey. link to the manual (in Bahasa) here
<http://reefcheck.or.id/bleaching-indonesia/> . To follow latest update
please visit here

For further info please contact:

*Firdaus Agung : info.kkji at gmail.com <info.kkji at gmail.com> *
*Derta Prabuning: derta at reefcheck.org <derta at reefcheck.org>*

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