[Coral-List] ICMERS 2016

Holger Anlauf holger.anlauf.mb at gmail.com
Tue May 10 02:52:45 EDT 2016

Dear colleagues, 

I would like to draw you attention to the International Conference on the Marine Environment of the Red Sea (ICMERS 2016) held at KAUST, Saudi Arabia from 14-16 Nov. 2016. The aim of this conference is to share knowledge, stimulate debate, encourage new thinking, and develop a regional Red Sea research map that generates new networks and partnerships going forward. Themed topics will include regional oceanography, hydrology, remote sensing, plankton communities, macrobenthic soft sediment communities, biogeography and evolution, coral community structure and dynamics, reef fish community structure and dynamics, molecular ecology, and physiology, biophysical processes, as well as a session on conservation and management. 

More information can be found here: https://icmers2016.kaust.edu.sa/home <https://icmers2016.kaust.edu.sa/home>

Abstract submission deadline is 15.5.2016. 


Holger Anlauf

Red Sea Research Center at KAUST

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