[Coral-List] Personal Care Product Pollution and its Threat to Coral, Reefs

Eugene Shinn eugeneshinn at mail.usf.edu
Wed May 11 12:48:46 EDT 2016

Thanks to Billy, I just had to send this note from a coral list reader. 
For his protection I left off his name. His work was not funded by NOAA. 

Hello Dr. Shinn

I follow the Coral list and hope you don’t mind that I reached out to 
you directly.  I am a relatively local cosmetic chemist and 
entrepreneur, and am currently working with the EcoTox team at Eckerd 
College regarding toxicity of our and other sunscreen and skincare 
products.  I launched Stream2Sea EcoConscious Sun and Skincare late last 
year, but only after doing the first round of safety testing on fish and 
coral larvae.  Lots more testing to do and knowledge to gain, but we had 
to start somewhere!

I’m considering going to the symposium, but it’s a long and expensive 
trip for a one day symposium for a startup… although I really would like 
to meet Dr. Downs and other interested people.

You are right about the commercial aspects in the Keys, but there are 
other options – it would be nice to see them take a stance on organic 
chemical-free sunscreens.  I’ve been trying to find the right contacts 
within the NOAA Sanctuary and Blue Star programs, but haven’t yet been 
successful.  I’m a diver and spend a lot of time in the keys, so perhaps 
I’ll find someone on a boat if not in the office...

Anyway, I just thought I’d reach out, say hello and introduce myself.  
I’d be happy to send you some samples if you were interested in seeing 


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