[Coral-List] Personal Care Product Pollution and its Threat to Coral, Reefs

Martin Moe martin_moe at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 09:44:35 EDT 2016

Good analogy, Ulf, If I may take it a bit further... Supposethe tree that bears the branch in question, namely “sustainable development” isthe tree of human civilization, and it has borne remarkable fruit. But withoutcareful pruning, a tree will stop bearing much fruit and eventually break anddie due to the weight of its massive branches. Now if we could just prune a lotmore of some of the branchlets on the major branches of fossil fuels, under regulated and illegal commercial fishing, plastic pollution, chemical pollution, over-development, overpopulation, andmany other biological and chemical assaults on our little world, out tree mayhave a chance to survive and continue to bear fruit.


    On Monday, May 16, 2016 8:18 AM, Ulf Erlingsson <ceo at lindorm.com> wrote:

 Martin, "sustainable development" is taken to mean "development that is sustainable" in the sense that it does not "saw off the branch it is sitting on". 
Ulf Erlingsson
On 2016-05 -14, at 10:07 , Martin Moe wrote:

Very interesting post, Gene. I have one question,

The stated mission of the department  (DOC) is to "promote job creation andimproved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructurethat promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, andsustainable development". 

In their mission statement, does the term “sustainabledevelopment” mean development that sustains economic growth, or; development thatsustains the health of the environment and our natural resources?

Just wondering...



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