[Coral-List] HoloVir: New bioinformatics pipeline available

Karen Weynberg K.Weynberg at aims.gov.au
Wed May 18 04:58:11 EDT 2016

Dear Coral-Lister colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to a newly accepted publication 'HoloVir: A workflow for investigating the diversity and function of viruses in invertebrate holobionts' in "Frontiers in Virology".

This is an excerpt from the abstract:
'HoloVir is a robust and flexible data analysis pipeline that provides an optimised and validated workflow for taxonomic and functional characterisation of viral metagenomes derived from invertebrate holobionts.
Application of HoloVir to viral metagenomes from the coral Pocillopora damicornis and the sponge Rhopaloeides odorabile demonstrated that HoloVir provides a valuable tool to characterise holobiont viral communities across species, environments, or experiments.'

Access is open and online now.
We hope this is a useful tool for the coral reef scientific community to use in investigations of viral communities associated with reef invertebrates.

Kind regards on behalf of the authors,

Karen Weynberg
Australian Institute of Marine Science

E-mail: k.weynberg at aims.gov.au
Website: www.aims.gov.au
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