[Coral-List] Recently discovered coral reef in Iraqi coastal waters

Nasseer Idrisi nidrisi01 at msn.com
Tue May 24 08:42:24 EDT 2016

Dear Coral-Listers,
My colleagues at the University of Basra are interested in collaborating with any coral scientists interested in further investigations in the recently discovered coral reef in the northwestern Persian Gulf: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep04250 <http://www.nature.com/articles/srep04250> (pdf available free of charge). The scientists at the Marine Science Centre at the University of Basra are unfamiliar with corals or the coral reef habitat, since nobody thought it would be a habitat found in these waters! The waters here are very warm, brackish and turbid. Is this reef sheltered from these conditions through a salt wedge, what about the turbidity? There are many questions to be addressed. Please let me know if you are interested: nidrisi01 at msn.com <mailto:nidrisi01 at msn.com>

Cheers, Nasseer

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