[Coral-List] Why corals' resilience are in decline

rnharag rnharag at uol.com.br
Wed May 25 14:30:45 EDT 2016

The more I study the marine life and I assess the resilience of coral, the more I discover that the possible variables are many and to complete also vary according to location.

I venture to say that the expertise to cover all the variables that are affecting corals, demand the need for multiple areas of knowledge, in the current situation. 

The emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, in the post industrialization period, caused the global warming that has acidified the oceans and has defrosted the poles. As everything is interconnected in nature, we have also had severe climate change and impact on the Earth's core.

The Earth's core is not as accessible, so we have to watch what's happening in the planet's crust. The increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and active volcanoes in recent years show that the magma is becoming busier and probably warmer.

The core of our planet has always generated the gravity of the planet and has supplied with a suitable electromagnetic field to life. However, from 2012 the irradiation of the electromagnetic field has been in an high voltage level and has been accompanied by Beta radioactivity, in an exponential increasing.

This adds to the problem of Acidification occurrence, more two items who are global in nature and are highly debilitating for the functioning of the organism of all living things.

Little or nothing is said about this problem, so I decided to make this contribution. Probably will allow to scholars of corals' resilience, better understand why the Marine Protected Areas still remain subject to bleaching and death of corals.

In my opinion bleaching is part of the coral nature in the process of adaptation, but the volume of deaths with a tendency to extinction is dramatic and dangerous for mankind.

Sorry if this description was long and for my English.


Ricardo Haraguchi

Geobiology, Dowsing and Radionics.

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São Paulo – Brazil

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