[Coral-List] Citizen Science Town Hall and Session at ICRS

Karsten Shein - NOAA Federal karsten.shein at noaa.gov
Thu May 26 15:39:30 EDT 2016

Dear Coral-Listers,

If you will be attending ICRS in Honolulu in a few weeks, we would like to
invite you to join us at ICRS on Wednesday, 22 June from 11:30-12:45 for a
Town Hall discussion about the role of citizen science in coral reef
research and conservation. We’re looking forward to a lively lunch-time
dialog on topics including opportunities and challenges for implementing
results-driven marine citizen science, cultivating best practices, and
developing a global community of practice that can effectively integrate
public participation in our work.

Bring your lunch to Room 305 A/B of the Hawaii Convention Center, where at
11:45 we’ll kick things off with several case studies to open the
discussion. If you have an example of citizen science in action (successful
or not), you can share it by visiting

Wednesday evening after the Town Hall, please stop by the poster hall to
view informative topical presentations as part of the ICRS session “Citizen
Science in Support of Coral Reef Protection and Sustainability”. The poster
session will be followed at 9:30 on Friday morning (24 June) with a great
lineup of oral presentations in Room 303 A/B.

More information about the Citizen Science Town Hall and session may be
found at <http://www.greatbarrierreefcitizenscience.org.au/icrs-2016/>
​<​ <http://www.greatbarrierreefcitizenscience.org.au/icrs-2016/>
​Please share this message with any colleagues who may be interested. ​
We hope to see you there!


Karsten Shein

David Bourne

Jennifer Loder

​Unless explicitly noted, nothing in this message represents an official
view of NOAA or constitutes any endorsement.​

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