[Coral-List] ICRS Workshop: Epigenetic research in coral reefs

Yvonne Sawall ysawall at geomar.de
Sun May 29 15:53:45 EDT 2016

Dear coral-listers,

I would like to draw your attention to the ICRS workshop on epigenetic research in coral reefs on Thursday, 23rd of June during lunch (11:30-12:45), coordinated by Yvonne Sawall, Manuel Aranda Lastra and Line Bay. While you can find the abstract on the ICRS website (https://sgmeet.com/icrs2016/workshops-townhalls.asp), I would like to use the coral list to provide a bit more information on the concept of the workshop and to encourage scientists to join. 

The idea of the workshop is to get an overview on epigenetic research, a relatively new research field in coral reef organisms, including a) what techniques and facilities are available and what are advantages and limitations of the different techniques, b) who is working on research questions addressing epigenetics in corals and other reef invertebrates, and c) what research questions are or can be addressed. We will provide a short introduction into epigenetics in general and about the growing interest in epigentic research in corals and we will have 2-3 short presentations by scientists with experience in epigenetic research. We would also like to ask all participants to provide a very brief description about their interest, experience and/or plans in epigenetic research (before the workshop), which will help the discussion during the 2nd half of the workshop. The workshop will be a nice opportunity for students and scientists to learn from each other and to facilitate future epigentic research.

Please contact me (ysawall at geomar.de), if you have questions and/or want to participate and provide 2-3 sentences about your interest, experience and/or plans in epigenetic research in case you would like to join. 

Looking forward to meet you at the ICRS.
Yvonne Sawall

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