[Coral-List] Research that supports (or not) Provisioning?

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Are you giving up on a chance to address their specific stance on shark feeding, or is it that you agree with them? I've received no useful responses to my request for citations. One person said they had been bitten, another said they were pretty busy. 

On November 4, 2016 2:09:00 PM EDT, Steve Mussman <sealab at earthlink.net> wrote:
>I find it ironic that DEMA is citing "research by independent and
>scientists" to support their stand on shark provisioning. In a letter
>to the
>sponsors of the legislation they oppose which would ban shark feeding,
>makes reference to their mission which they describe as "an ongoing
>to create public awareness of the need to protect the marine
>environment and
>marine life in that diving depends upon sustainable interaction with
>marine environment for its very existence". I suggest that if they are
>concerned about the marine environment that they start by referencing
> appropriately  reacting  to  the multitude of independent and credible
>scientific studies which suggest that climate change is among the
>   threat of all.
>   Steve Mussman
>   Sea Lab Diving
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>  >I need some citations that address whether "provisioning" has caused
>>behavioral changes that cause harassment or endangerment of divers who
>     were
>>not involved in the provisioning. DEMA has made the statement:
>    >suggest  that  shark  diving from cages, which most often includes
>     provisioning
>>ecotourism, does not create the risk to swimmers, divers and kayakers"
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>>They quote three studies to support their argument: Hammerschlag, et
>     >(2012); Johnson and Koch (2006); and Meyer et al (2009).
>     >
>     >Are there studies that do NOT support their argument?
>     >
>>Are there studies about provisioning other than sharks that argue
>     >it?
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>     >Thanks - there is some urgency in my request.
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