[Coral-List] Fish Conference at Tahiti 2017

Cécile Berthe cecile.berthe at criobe.pf
Mon Nov 7 14:43:08 EST 2016

Dear all,

All is going well with the call for sessions at the next IPFC, Tahiti,
October 2017. We have already 23 session proposals (see on the IPFC
website: https://ipfc10.criobe.pf/program/call-for-sessions/).
However, *some important topics are missing : *

*Taxonomy, Morphology, Systematics and Distribution
*Fisheries & Pelagic Fish
*Biodiversity, Bio- and Phylo-geography, Evolution and Extinction risk of
coral reef fish
*Monitoring of coral reef fish
*Behavioral Ecology, Fish communities, Population Ecology
*Fish Environmental extremes, Climate change / Acclimatization and
Adaptation in fish
*MPAs and other tools for scientifically sound place-based management
*Genes to Genomes
*Coral reef fish conservation through transformation education
*Importance of cryptic fish in coral reef ecosystem
*Invasive fish species in the Indo-Pacific
*... *all sessions will be welcome at the next IPFC!*

Are you interested to organize one of these sessions, or to organize a
session on other topics ? *The deadline for session is on 30th November.*

Best Regards,

*Cécile BERTHE*
Communication CRIOBE
Laboratoire d'Excellence "CORAIL"
Tel : (+689) 40 56 13 45
Port : (+689) 87 31 05 54


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