[Coral-List] New Publication: Year-Long Monitoring of central Red Sea coral reefs provide physical, chemical, and biological baseline data

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> Dear friends and colleagues,
> allow me point you to our most recent publication presenting physical,
> chemical, and biological data for coral reef functioning in the central Red
> Sea.. We collected data on currents, temperature, salinity, dissolved
> oxygen (DO), chlorophyll-a, turbidity, inorganic nutrients, sedimentation,
> bacterial communities of reef water, and bacterial and algal composition of
> epilithic biofilms to provide a comparative baseline for coral reef studies
> around the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere.
> Manuscript and all associated data are open access (available on the PLOS
> ONE homepage, NCBI, and Dryad).
> Publication: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/
> journal.pone.0163939 <http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/
> journal..pone.0163939>
> Best,
> Christian
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> Associate Professor of Marine Science
> Associate Director Red Sea Research Center
> KAUST University
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> http://reefgenomics.org <http://reefgenomics.org/>
> twitter: @reefgenomics
> Title
> Year-Long Monitoring of Physico-Chemical and Biological Variables Provide
> a Comparative Baseline of Coral Reef Functioning in the Central Red Sea
> Abstract
> Coral reefs in the central Red Sea are sparsely studied and in situ data
> on physico-chemical and key biotic variables that provide an important
> comparative baseline are missing. To address this gap, we simultaneously
> monitored three reefs along a cross-shelf gradient for an entire year over
> four seasons, collecting data on currents, temperature, salinity, dissolved
> oxygen (DO), chlorophyll-a, turbidity, inorganic nutrients, sedimentation,
> bacterial communities of reef water, and bacterial and algal composition of
> epilithic biofilms. Summer temperature (29-33C) and salinity (39 PSU)
> exceeded average global maxima for coral reefs, whereas DO concentration
> was low (2-4 mg L-1). While temperature and salinity differences were most
> pronounced between seasons, DO, chlorophyll-a, turbidity, and sedimentation
> varied most between reefs. Similarly, biotic communities were highly
> dynamic between reefs and seasons. Differences in bacterial biofilms were
> driven by four abundant families:
>  Rhodobacteraceae, Flavobacteriaceae, Flammeovirgaceae, and
> Pseudanabaenaceae. In algal biofilms, green crusts, brown crusts, and
> crustose coralline algae were most abundant and accounted for most of the
> variability of the communities. Higher bacterial diversity of biofilms
> coincided with increased algal cover during spring and summer. By employing
> multivariate matching, we identified temperature, salinity, DO, and
> chlorophyll-a as the main contributing physico-chemical drivers of biotic
> community structures. These parameters are forecast to change most with the
> progression of ocean warming and increased nutrient input, which suggests
> an effect on the recruitment of Red Sea benthic communities as a result of
> climate change and anthropogenic influence. In conclusion, our study
> provides insight into coral reef functioning in the Red Sea and a
> comparative baseline to support coral reef studies in the region.
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