[Coral-List] NOAA Seminar tomorrow: Tough choices for tough times - can we triage save coral reefs?

Tracy Gill - NOAA Federal tracy.gill at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 16 10:57:01 EST 2016

OneNOAA Science Seminar Series - *please forward to folks who might be
interested; thanks*.

*Title: Tough choices for tough times - can we triage save coral reefs?*

Speaker: Ken Anthony, Principal Research Scientist, Australian Institute of
Marine Science, Australia. *Speaker will be present in person at NOAA in
Silver Spring; see below.*

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, 11/17, 12-1pm ET

Where: Via webinar or at NOAA SSMC4, Room 8150, Silver Spring, MD.

Sponsors: NOAA's National Ocean Service Science Seminar; points of contact
for this seminar
are Tracy.Gill at noaa.gov and Britt Parker at noaa.gov

Remote Access: Mymeeting webinar uses phone and internet. Audio: Dial
(US and CAN) 1-877-708-1667. Enter code 7028688#  Webcast is at
Under "Participant Join", click "Join an Event", then add conf no:
No code needed for web. Be sure to install the correct plug‐in for WebEx
before the seminar starts (temporary plugin works fine).

About the Speaker: Ken Anthony is an ecologist with a passion for coral
reefs. Ken started his career as an engineer, but quit when he first donned
a dive mask in Hawaii in 1986. He now calls the Great Barrier Reef home.
Ken’s call in life is to understand how we can sustain coral reefs in the
face of climate change, ocean acidification and pressures from pollution
and overfishing. Using tools from decision science and business strategy,
Ken works with reef conservationists, environmental managers and policy
makers to find solutions that work. Such solutions are actions that protect
coral reef biodiversity while maintaining ecosystem services that support
economies, industries and the livelihoods of millions of people.

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