[Coral-List] More on the Anthropocene, coral reefs and US politics

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Thu Nov 24 23:38:18 EST 2016

Hi listers,
After the thread on politics on the list dwindled to its end, I put some thoughts together for my blog.  It looks at evidence we are definitely in the Anthropocene, recent progress on global climate change politics, and what the election of Donald Trump might do to momentum.  I don't provide much new information on reefs, but do argue that the coral reef story is very important, and should be articulated much more effectively, and in new ways, so that what is happening to coral reefs around the world becomes a clearly recognized symbol for what we are risking by continuing our planet-trashing ways.  The Anthropocene could become a roller coaster ride to hell, and coral reefs tell us we are all seated on that roller coaster.

The link is at www.petersalebooks.com/?p=2338<http://www.petersalebooks.com/?p=2338>

Peter Sale
sale at uwindsor.ca<mailto:sale at uwindsor.ca>

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