[Coral-List] Diadema antillarum in the Caribbean

Kelly Latijnhouwers k.latijnhouwers at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 07:57:13 EST 2016

Dear Coral Listers,

As some of you may know, researchers (Stuart Sandin & Kelly Latijnhouwers)
from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Carmabi Research Station are
trying to determine the current status of *Diadema antillarum* (and
hopefully identify those circumstances under which this species can
"regrow"). We have been gathering data on *D. antillarum* from all over the
Caribbean over the past few months by getting in contact with research
stations, diveshops and everyone else who would be in or around the water a
lot, and asking them whether they have (recently) spotted* D. antillarum* in
their areas of expertise. We have been using the website www.seaegg.org at
which one was able to tell us about their sightings by clicking a simple
map and answering a few questions.

We have received many responses so far, from individuals who have entered
their sightings on the website, to receiving full datasets from for
instance the Healthy Reefs Initiative, Reefcheck and AGRRA, and many other
individuals who have been doing work on *Diadema *in the past and shared
their datasets with us. We are very greatful for the data we have received
so far, and it has enabled us to see some great patterns in current *D.
antillarum* abundances throughout the Caribbean.

However, the more data the better, so if you have information/data from any
other country/island/area, please don't hesitate to tell us on
www.seaegg.org or email kelly at seaegg.org.

Moreover, one of the main issues we currently encounter, is that we are
lacking data from *Cuba, Turks and Caicos and Nicaragua,* which is why we
are sending out this Coral-List request. Are you, or do you know anyone,
who is working/living in these areas who can provide us with information on *D.
antillarum* abundance? Please let us know! It would be a shame to have a
large scale dataset and not be able to include these three areas.

Thank you so much in advance, looking forward to your entries in the
Stuart Sandin & Kelly Latijnhouwers

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