[Coral-List] Explainer Video about Oceans in several language versions

Jan Kuenzl jan.kuenzl at edeos.org
Mon Oct 10 05:55:03 EDT 2016

Dear list members,

A couple of weeks ago, I pointed to our hand drawn, animated short-video 
about the fascination of oceans and the problems they are facing.

Now there is also a German and a French version available:
French: https://youtu.be/SSrLFXo5MOs
German: https://youtu.be/6N3pCsfae60
English: https://youtu.be/UHYBH0Vn-2Y

It has a Creative Commons license and can be used and shared for free in 
any way.

You can download the english version here: 

If you like it, please consider sharing them with other people.

Best regards,


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