[Coral-List] coral bleaching youth science experiment

Jeff Bellman jeff.bellman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 22:47:05 EDT 2016

I was looking for help for my 12 year old daughter.  She became a certified junior diver this past winter and has thoroughly enjoyed discovering this new world.  She is competing in a local county science fair again this year (she won grand prize in environmental science last year) and would like to bring the problem of coral bleaching awareness to her peers in the area; she saw first hand bleached patches of reef and heard from many local experienced divers how things have turned worse over the past two decades.

She wants to conduct an experiment that can show the affects of rising temperature and ph level changes and how they impact coral.  Her idea, from her research so far, is to have separate tanks with a controlled environment and then tanks with higher temps and different ph levels.  She is concerned about the time to see changes, how to run the tanks, what temperature she should use, amongst other questions.  

She was hoping someone could offer advice as to how she could set up this experiment  and proper parameters so youth her age could learn about what is happening to coral reef environments.  

Thank you very much for the opportunity to ask for help.

Jeff Bellman

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