[Coral-List] Preventable seagrass and dugong mortality on the GBR

Scott Wooldridge swooldri23 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 20:05:27 EDT 2016

Hi All,

Here is a new manuscript which explains how preventable fine sediment export
from the Burdekin River catchment reduces coastal seagrass abundance and
increases dugong mortality within the Townsville region of the Great
Barrier Reef, Australia.


The erosion processes supplying suspended sediment material to the Burdekin
River have been magnified by modern agricultural management practices. Most
notably, this is due to the impact of rangeland beef grazing and the
associated loss of pasture cover, leading to hillslope and gully erosion.

The manuscript reinforces the fact that the concept of Marine Protected
Areas (MPAs) needs to be expanded to include targeted management of
‘upstream’ connections that disturb natural trophic interactions and food

Other recent case study examples include:

(i) The role of terrestrial nutrients in permitting enhanced *A. planci *larval
survival and primary outbreaks on impacted reefs.


(ii) The role of terrestrial nutrients in enhancing the vulnerability of
symbiotic corals to thermal bleaching




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