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Please feel free to pass along this paid internship opportunity to
potential applicants. The Amiga Island Ecological Foundations sincerely
appreciates your help in spreading the word regarding our new Coral
Restoration Internship Position. A PDF version is attached. Thank you!

*Amiga Island Ecological Foundation Coral Restoration Internship*

Cormier, Northern Haiti

*I.  Position Overview*

The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation is a non-profit organization focused
on the protection, preservation and enhancement of critically threatened
marine ecosystems. Our focus area is primarily along the northern Haitian
coast and specifically we work to restore and monitor the reef system
surrounding Amiga Island. We are currently accepting applications for a mid
to long term internship position to help implement our Coral Reef
Conservation and Restoration Program which involves researching and
restoring critically endangered corals including Acropora species. The
selected candidate will work directly under the Coral Restoration Project
Coordinator on a variable but full-time basis. The candidate is expected to
work outside normal established hours, participate in night diving and on
other unscheduled events depending on the needs of the program. The
candidate may also be expected to work independently at times, managing a
range of tasks and may not always work under direct supervision.

* II. Duties and Responsibilities*

The responsibilities and duties of the selected candidate may include but
are not limited to the following.

1.     SCUBA diving for a variety of purposes including: scientific reef
surveys, locating potential donor colonies, installing and maintaining
coral nursery structures, collection / transport / attachment of coral
fragments, restoration out-planting, data collection and photographic

2.     Assist in searching for and securing funding opportunities including
grant writing, securing donations and seeking other funding sources.

3.     Assist in building and installing nursery structures. Managing and
organizing materials and files and keeping a clean office space.

4.     Assist in writing reports, data entry, management and analysis, and
in the design and production of educational based materials including
pamphlets and presentations.

5.     Potential responsibility and opportunity for independent research,
based on the availability of time, resources and the desire and capability
of the selected candidate.

6.     Assist with or independently lead educational based snorkeling tours..

7.     Participate in, lead, or implement environmental education
workshops, and/or training activities.

8.     Care for and provide basic maintenance to project equipment.

9.     Have fun – and be a team player, maintain a positive attitude and
commit to working well with team members and others including locals and
tourists. Be an advocate for the environment and highlight the ways in
which we can make a difference. Promote the protection, preservation and
enhancement of local marine resources and be a generally good steward to
the environment.

*III. Requirements*

a) Education

We are looking for candidates that are highly motivated and interested in the
preservation, conservation and restoration of coastal marine resources. A
bachelor’s in one of the following areas is preferred: biology, ecology, marine
biology, environmental studies, or other similar careers. This internship
will give the candidate an excellent experience in active restoration,
marine conservation and environmental education.

b) Experience

The ideal candidate would have experience working in a marine ecosystem and
would have previous experience with Acropora corals and restoration.
Additionally we are searching for an applicant with prior experience in
grant writing and/or fund raising who has proven skills in written
communication. Applying candidates must know how to swim and possesses a
SCUBA certification. Rescue diver or advanced diver certification is
preferred. Applicants must have the ability to work under strenuous and
adverse conditions including working with currents, waves, poor visibility,
long dive times and continuous back to back diving days. The applicant must
be able to work efficiently, problem solve, adapt to changing situations
and work independently under minimal supervision. Interns must complete
assigned tasks on time and with quality; must be punctual and represent the
best interest of The Foundation. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is
required. Previous
coral restoration experience is highly advantageous.

c) Other Requirements

SCUBA Certification (Rescue Diver Preferred)
Divers Insurance
Medical Insurance

d) Languages

Fluent English (required)
French and/or Spanish desired but not required
Haitian Creole is advantageous

*IV. Duration*

The length of the internship is negotiable but a minimum of 4 months
is required,
with the preferred length of 6 months. This is a full-time internship
requiring an estimated 40 work hours per week. No vacation is awarded but
days off can be flexible. The expected start time is October 15, 2016.

*V. Compensation and Benefits*

1.     A unique opportunity to get hands-on with endangered coral and learn
the process of active coral restoration.

2.     Gain experience in SCUBA diving with a purpose, go beyond
recreational diving and learn scientific techniques, data collection
methods and how to build, maintain and utilize a coral nursery.

3.     Contribute to a conservation project in a long-term and meaningful
way. Your participation will be more than just a training opportunity, YOU
can make a difference and help preserve the local environment and reefs.

4.     On-site lodging, including electricity, running-water and access to

5.     All meals included.

6.     Office space and materials.

7.     At least 8 days off a month (No vacation days included, but off-days
may be flexible with Project Coordinator approval)

8.     All SCUBA diving gear included along with transportation to and from
Amiga Island.

9.     All materials needed to perform duties will be included.

10.   A small stipend depending on the qualifications of the candidate, the
length of the internship, and the AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS, to help cover

*A typical day in this internship could be*

Wake up to the sound of the sea in the beautiful beach resort of Cormier
Plage and head down to the restaurant to discuss the day’s diving plans
over breakfast. Gear up and get ready! After a quick shuttle ride, hop
aboard the dive boat and head out to Amiga Island, the picturesque focal
point of our Coral Restoration Program. Enjoy 1-2 dives for maintenance and
data collection or to survey reef health and afterwards take a short rest
on tropical white sand. Once back at base, work on data analysis and
preparing reports, seeking funding and making sure gear is in good shape.
With any luck you’ll run into some tourists at the hotel who may be curious
to know about the local environment and what’s being done to protect it,
it’s your job to educate and inspire wonder at what’s just under the waves.

*Interested Candidates please send your Resume with a brief Statement of
Interest to the following emails by September 28th, 2016.*

*Jeremy at amigaisland.com <Jeremy at amigaisland.com> and
gael.gaetjens at yahoo.com <gael.gaetjens at yahoo.com>*

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