[Coral-List] CRESCYNT TOOLBOX - a weekly email and blog series

Ouida Meier omeier at hawaii.edu
Fri Sep 16 14:26:17 EDT 2016


We'd like to call your attention to CRESCYNT's weekly TOOLBOX series at
http://crescyntblog.wordpress.com . We cover some general tools useful
across science disciplines, like protocols, data repositories, and the Open
Science Framework, and other tools as specifically applied to coral reef
research, like species database aggregators, and coral reef 3D image
mapping software. Bonus: sources of 360-degree images and reef videos for
education and outreach hosted at IUCN's World Conservation Congress.

Our latest entry is a guest posting by John Burns on 3D mapping of coral
reefs using Structure from Motion techniques and software, and he has been
very generous in sharing his practical experience to help others get
started with this powerful capability.

You can sign up for weekly TOOLBOX emails at http://crescynt.org .


Ouida W. Meier, Ph.D.
Program Manager, EarthCube CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science &
Cyberinfrastructure Network (Ruth Gates, PI)
Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology, University of Hawaii

omeier at hawaii.edu

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