[Coral-List] New paper on the localization of endobacteria in a temperate gorgonian

La Rivière Marie marie.la-riviere at mnhn.fr
Mon Sep 26 09:25:57 EDT 2016

Dear Listers,

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest paper on the 
study of a temperate gorgonian microbiome "Localization of endobacteria 
in the gastrodermis of a Mediterranean gorgonian coral, /Paramuricea 
clavata/, using fluorescence in situ hybridization".
You can access the paper here: 

More of our work on Mediterranean gorgonian holobionts can also be found 
in two other papers:

- La Rivière, M., Garrabou, J. & Bally, M. (2015) Evidence for host 
specificity among dominant bacterial symbionts in temperate gorgonian 
corals. Coral Reefs, 34: 1087.

- La Rivière M, Roumagnac M, Garrabou J, Bally M (2013) Transient Shifts 
in Bacterial Communities Associated with the Temperate Gorgonian 
/Paramuricea clavata/ in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea. PLoS ONE 
8(2): e57385. 

Kind regards

Dr Marie La Rivière

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