[Coral-List] reef fish isolation-by-distance data

Gerrit Nanninga gerrit.nanninga at gmx.net
Wed Apr 5 17:10:52 EDT 2017

Dear listers,

I am currently working on a review/meta-analysis of genetic
isolation-by-distance (IBD) patterns in coral reef fishes. After having
conducted a comprehensive literature review, I am now looking for
additional sources of data points. I was hence wondering whether anyone may
have any unpublished IBD data or genetic data sets that are amenable to IBD

In particular, I am looking for: (1) the slope and intercept of the IBD
function, (2) the global Fst, (3) the employed genetic marker and (4) the
spatial scale and location of the study area.

Obviously, in case of publication, any contributions would be cited and/or
acknowledged properly.

You can contact me directly under:  gbn23 at cam.ac.uk

Thank you very much!!

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