[Coral-List] Global Coral Restoration Project

Carin Jantzen carin.jantzen at gmx.net
Wed Apr 12 05:06:38 EDT 2017

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the announcement of the Global Coral 
Restoration Project, a cooperative effort of SECORE, the California 
Academy of Science and The Nature Conservancy.


In summary, „This project aims to study and apply coral restoration 
techniques and practices on a larger scale, integrating coordinated 
conservation, education and outreach efforts. By /seeding/ reefs with 
sexually reproduced coral offspring, this project aims to help maintain 
corals' genetic diversity which in turn maximizes their ability to adapt 
to future conditions. Furthermore, working with sexual coral restoration 
has the great potential to produce huge numbers of coral offspring from 
one coral spawning event. The project includes training for partners 
from island nations and territories, including organizations capable of 
translating their efforts into local management plans that support this 
large-scale coral restoration initiative. The Global Coral Restoration 
Project starts in the Caribbean and is planned to expand into the 
Pacific region after its initial phase.“

Thanks for your interest,

with kind regards,


Dr. Carin Jantzen
Marine Ecologist & Author
SECORE Media & Public Relations

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