[Coral-List] Working on a search tool that will help coral reef researchers find online datasets - please contribute additional online data URLs!

Ouida Meier omeier at hawaii.edu
Wed Apr 19 05:42:43 EDT 2017

We've been working with a project called CINERGI that's focused on
improving software that helps scientists find data. While it's built for
broader sciences, it's using coral reef work as a test case, so has some
special capacity for discovering reef-related data. We'd like to feed this
growing search monster more reef dataset URLs to register, and need your
help in adding to this community resource at
http://cinergi.sdsc.edu/contribute/ .

More detail: CINERGI registers data resources – online repositories and
individual online datasets – and then enriches their descriptors to make
those datasets easier to search, sort, and filter. The datasets themselves
stay in place, while a record of the dataset’s URL and description details
are registered in the CINERGI search tool. Registered datasets keep
whatever access and use license their authors have given them.

CINERGI already has almost half a million geoscience data sources
registered. Right now, coral-related datasets come mostly from some DataONE
member repositories like NOAA NCEI (
https://www.dataone.org/current-member-nodes). We can now feed CINERGI more
links to datasets that will benefit the coral reef research community, and
hope you can help with this!

Go to http://cinergi.sdsc.edu and click on a CONTRIBUTE link.
Fill in ESPECIALLY the first fields - dataset title, description, and URL -
then as much of the rest as you can.

We'd especially appreciate your link contributions within the next 7 days
so we can register those and test a new coral search structure. If your
suggestions arrive after April 26th we’ll still add them, so don’t hold
back! This is a long-term project.

Thanks for your help! Email if you have questions. We’ll let you know how
it goes.


Ouida W. Meier, Ph.D.
omeier at hawaii.edu

Program Manager, EarthCube CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science &
Cyberinfrastructure Network
Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawai'i

Data Manager, 'Ike Wai
ITS - Cyberinfrastructure, University of Hawai'i

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