[Coral-List] Cartoons for Science Communication

Sarah Frias-Torres sfrias_torres at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 24 11:11:00 EDT 2017

Dear Coral-List,

this is a shameless plug for my new science communication approach.

I'm making cartoons to share the basic message of a peer-reviewed paper or a science story shown in the news.

The cartoons are found in my Twitter feed. Soon, they'll be hosted at a website.

Usually, there's a connection between Hollywood films and the cartoons. So far they include:

..- A coral restoration cartoon inspired by the 1969 Western musical "Paint Your Wagon"

..- A drones vs. whales cartoon inspired by the 1950 American film "Sunset Boulevard"

I'm still engaged with more traditional science communication products including

..- A science outreach blog:


..- A microfiction blog (fables for grown-ups) with illustrations


Sarah Frias-Torres, Ph.D.
Twitter: @GrouperDoc
Blog: http://grouperluna.wordpress.com

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