[Coral-List] {Coral-List] Evidence that ocean warming has caused most Caribbean coral loss

Vassil Zlatarski vzlatarski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 10:13:31 EDT 2017

Hi John,

In your yesterday post you mentioned "probably" local impact near Havana.
You dove there and I expect you spoke with local people and know the
existing investigations.  Why place for any probability?

Back in 1969, I interviewed the experienced divers in Cuba about
prospective areas for coral and reef studies.  They unanimously recommended
not to try off Havana coast because of the negative local impact. The
following field research trough 1973 confirmed their words. Even in front
of Instituto de Oceanologia, Academia de Ciencias de Cuba, which is in the
western part of the capital the Scleractinia were very rare to the depth of
8 m*.


*Zlatarski, V. N., N. Martinez Estalella. 1982. Les Scléractiniares de Cuba
avec des données sur la organismes associés. Edit. Académie bulgare des
Sciences, Sofia, 472 p., annexe 1 (first published in 1980 in Russian)

Vassil Zlatarski
D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)

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