[Coral-List] Global and Local Effective Conservation

Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 14:18:15 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

A reminder that May 2 2017 is the deadline for Early Bird Registration
to the SCB's 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology
(ICCB 2017).  The Symposium of Coral Reef Conservation Effectiveness
(#157) is part of the program that will be held in Cartagena Colombia
with the focus on Insights for Sustaining Life on Earth. During the
symposium we will discuss about case studies, ethical norms, relevance
of assertive scientific communication to diminish local and global
threats to improve #ConservationOptimism in ALL the coral reefs.

We will call the attention on the need to avoid denials of the local
and global stressors, as well on the undercover potential impacts from
unsustainable coastal development, illegal inter/national fishing,
nuclear missiles tests, radiation from nuclear plants, coal
transportation and other sources of pollution and destruction of coral
reef areas. Many of these activities are no correlated when studying
protected and non-protected areas. Specifically, we want to provide a
proactive set of recommendations to enhance effective conservation in
“paper protected coral reefs”.

A critical analysis will allow open participation about the trend of
some biologists to offer coral restoration to support local
unsustainable development. Under the climate change scenario.
Fragmenting healthy coral colonies to form "Frankestein reefs" to be
placed in areas where coral cover is low without diminishing local and
global threats, may represent a greater risk to resilient coral reefs
that have proved to be climate change refuges (e.g. Caribbean Case
Study #CoralesBahiaCartagena = #VaraderoColombia). All participants
who are divers will be welcome to join us in a dive to this
non-protected reef under risk to be severely impacted from dredging in
the following months despite of being the healthiest coral reef in the
Colombian Caribbean.

Cordial saludo,

Nohora Galvis
Organizer Symposium #157 @ICCB2017
SCB Member / Coral Reef Working Group

Directora Observatorio Pro Arrecifes
Fundación ICRI Colombia
Coordinadora Red Internacional de Observadores Voluntarios del Arrecife


Twitter @ArrecifesCoral e @ICRIcolombia

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