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Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Fri Apr 28 04:55:27 EDT 2017

Dear Coral List

We are pleased to announce that abstract submission is now open for the European Coral Reef Symposium which is due to be held in Oxford, UK during the 13th - 15th of December 2017. All the information needed to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations can be found on our website: www.reefconservationuk.co.uk<http://www.reefconservationuk.co.uk>
Session themes: http://www.reefconservationuk.co.uk/sessions.html
Online submissions: http://www.reefconservationuk.co.uk/abstract-submission..html

As part of the conference we are hosting a special edition in the journal of Frontiers in Marine Science. This is a relatively new open access journal which shows a lot of promise for getting your articles to a wide audience.  The special edition is entitled ' Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene'

The term 'Anthropocene' has been suggested as the term which denotes the current geological age, viewed as the period where human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Arguably, the most prevalent and visible effects of this anthropogenic activity can be seen at the poles and the tropics, and particularly in coral reefs in the latter. Coral reefs have been described as 'canaries in the coal mine' for the marine biome. The recent increase in mass bleaching events brought about by the effects of El Nino are highlighting a worrying trend, with studies suggesting that some reefs may begin to experience annual severe bleaching episodes as early as 2043.

For this topic, we seek to compile a broad range of manuscripts which detail the responses of corals and other reef associated organisms to the multitude of stressors to which they are increasingly exposed in the twenty-first century and beyond.  This Research Topic is linked to the European Coral Reef Symposium, which will be held in December 2017 at Oxford, UK. Anyone submitting a manuscript as part of this Symposium will receive discounted article processing fees. For original research and review articles this equates to US$ 977.50. However those who may struggle to fund these charges can apply for a fee waiver and this can be done when submitting your abstract.

We welcome topics which explore;
*Documented responses of reef organisms under natural conditions
*Experimental manipulations simulating future climate scenarios
*Modelling (forecast or hindcast) highlighting further trends or past episodes
*Mechanisms underpinning the above responses
*Microbiome, pathobiome, genetic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomics studies
*Conservation strategies - either those being currently employed, or future plans to manage and mitigate such effects (reef restoration, human-assisted evolution, coral probiotics etc).
*Social-economic studies focusing on the continued use of reefs in the C21st

We would like to gauge interest in this research topic and special edition and thus request you to email, Dr Michael Sweet at m.sweet at derby.ac.uk<mailto:m.sweet at derby.ac.uk> if you are interested in submitting an article for consideration in this special edition. Please send a proposed title and brief abstract. Do not worry too much about the stage of your research at this time as you are more than welcome to alter the title and abstract when submission opens (after the conference) but we will use this to gauge popularity of the session and start to gather reviewers and topic editors. If you are interested in being a reviewer and topic editor please also email me on the above address to discuss.

Kind regards and look forward to hearing from you

>From the ECRS committee team.

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